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Monday, November 23, 2009

Self Portraits #9 &10

Like A Child/Early Morning, November 2009

inspiration: Nikki S. Lee

I've been working on some new project ideas about self portraits and identity and such. How to re interpret things that you always thought were true facts, but then to ask yourself, "what if..."and see where that leads. I've also always been into the idea of stereotypes, archetypes, and the like; and in that direction, I've been really diggin the work of Nikki S. Lee lately:

the popsicle one is my fave. Later today I'm going to post a new self portrait that I did last week. You can see more info/work by Nikki S. Lee here. I think the last thing she did was a conceptual documentary in 2006, and haven't really found much more current work of hers. If anyone knows, though, I'd love to see it.

Also, this song rules:

I'm mostly into Drake because he used to be Jimmy on Degrassi: the Next Generation, which is pretty much the best show ever.
But now he's graduated from being the coolest guy in school, wheelchair and all, to Drake, a young Canadian rapper mentored by Trey Songz and with a sweet album to boot. Check him out too!