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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You said you're gross my darling, I said no I'm rock and roll.

"Hanging out at Terry Richardson's, I felt like the token ugly girl." -Lesley Arfin

I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately, which I guess also means I haven't been sleeping that well, because I can remember my dreams.  The other night I dreamt that Lucia and I saw each other on the street and she was really mad at me for some unexplained reason, and proceeded to beat me up hardcore; I had a blackeye, a swollen face, and four of my teeth fell out. Bloody.  And for the rest of the dream I couldn't think of a reason why that would happen, I just knew I was really scared of her and didn't know how to go about dealing with her or talking it out.  
The other dream was that people kept asking me to move in with them to other seemingly better apartments, with the offers of cheaper rent, better locations, and living with my actual friends as opposed to people I've met off craigslist.  And I kept weighing the options because  I didn't want to let anyone down, but at the end of it I just really didn't want to have to move again.  

Anyway, photographs: 

Everything feels like a temporary distraction, even things I genuinely enjoy.  

I think this one's my fave.  

I've had way too much coffee today and my heart's racing.  This is a collection of stuff that I've shot since school ended a month and a half ago...I hope to do some more stuff soon and show y'all.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I got a new locket today from the vintage store on Dekalb and Classon!   It has a bicycle on it. And sorry that I have slim to none lighting in my room, but thems the breaks.

All dressed up and nowhere to go tonight.  Oh wait, maybe a party.  

I've been looking at these things lately and getting inspired: 

Heart City Vintage: www.heartcityvintage.blogspot.com


Oh man, this is one of my favorite 
scenes but this image looks terrible...

Mystery Train, Jim Jarmusch.

Hellen Van Meene

Via Greyhound.com, I found out that a ticket to Memphis is only $66.  Score! I think I'm going to purchase that ticket soon and take a much needed trip for a few weeks in August.  I know that the city itself is probably as empty as it seems in Mystery Train, but I love the photography in that movie, and I'm hoping I can make beautiful photographs like Jim Jarmusch.  Even without the great ensemble cast.  I was half hoping to have money for a new tattoo as a kind of graduation/birthday present, but that's not in the cards right now.  

This is what I was thinking about getting: 

Not Frida, just one of the birds. I want to incorporate it into the heart pieces, the bike chain heart on my inner arm and then the anatomical heart (inspired by Kahlo's Two Women) and the cartoon hearts above that.  Soon enough!  

Also, if someone wanted to get me a dog for my upcoming birthday, I'd love that. Just saying. Preferably a cute one that is not or will not eventually get too big and needs a good home. Pitbulls are okay, nothing bigger than that.   

Monday, June 1, 2009


Guess what I did today! (well last week, too) :

Self Portrait #6, May 2009.

More soon.