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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, well. It seems that winter maybe on its last legs, but I heard today that it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Again. But that's how a real winter in New York is supposed to be, right? Hopefully it won't snow tomorrow because Lloyd Kauffman is supposed to be at Forbidden Planet....doing...nothing really of signifigance, just hanging out and being cool. I hope he has some Troma superstars with him, to really rectify this whole experience. If you haven't seen PoultryGeist or Tromeo and Juliet yet, you're missing out. Go rent them. Or buy them.
I have an extremely chapped set of lips right now and it's straight bullshit. But I know that there are at least three tubes of chapstick rolling around my room and can't bring myself to buy another one.
Tonight I'll be making watermelon cake. Pics or it didn't happen, I swear.

All I Want Is Diet Coke and a Cigarette, 2009