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Sunday, January 24, 2010

something sweet:

" I knew it used to be your favorite shiny thing but you lost it in between

moves, had your mind on the cold and how you had no electricity and an

expired license and another pregnancy which your boyfriend giggled about

like embarrassed, like it was a cum stain on a friend's mattress.
I know this used to be your favorite bus stop, you used to tell the

dog who rummaged through the garbage cans you'd never be like them,

and every stab they aimed at what you loved or believed in only

reinforced what you told the mongrel as you tossed him the leftover

croissants from work and wrote long letters, hoping you wouldn't get

raped, like the bus driver said.

But shiny things make everything so heavy, and there aren't enough

boxes or pockets and after all they're only rocks or marbles anyway, and

love is sex, love is accomplishment and mental health, and nobody stabs,

you can't see the difference between defense and offense, and Jesus,

you're always so tired these days, you're almost old."

via Anna Joy via COMETBUS

Thursday, January 14, 2010

oh yeah, and in case anyone was wondering what my christmas card looked like that I made and sent out to friends and family, here it is:

oh by bonnie prince billy did you mean damien jurado?

Oh, blogs. I dunno if I've mentioned this before but since school ending (and a bit before) I've really used my time to catch up on the blogworld that I'd missed out on for most of my four years at colllege. Good thing, too. Now that I'm immersed in it, I spend a shit ton more time than I should in front of a computer screen. Sometimes, even making excuses in the real world so I can home and vegetate in front of it. Bad, I know.
I've been absent for a while, but have used my time well to start work on the zine I said I'd make back in October. I've a title and some pages and some contributers for it too. It should be finished by March and it's called.....

This is the proposed cover. Handlettered and photographed by yours truly. Here's another page from it, below:

Other contributors include Jess Ruliffson and Victor Kerlow. Check them out!! When the zine's finished I'll let y'all know when you can get a copy, O faithful readers.

I've been making some drawings and plan to take some more photos soon, but I'm in the process of moving (for the fourth time in a 16 month period) and will be settled into my new place by Feb. 1. And this place gets amazing light in the daytime, and all the walls are painted white and most of the furniture is white which equals new pictures that can be posted on this blog. I plan to keep this theme of starch white minimalism up when I move in and will post pictures to prove it.

Have a good week and seeya soon!