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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


currently there is very little work for me to do at my internship, so I've been looking up photographers and such for inpiration. Here is a list of cool things I've found:

santiago mostyn. photographer currently living in brooklyn, ny, but has traveled the u.s. extensively. new work can be seen at tinyvice.com...also he has a book out via tinyvices and you should buy it (for me).

and in a similiar vein, i've been a fan of mike brodie's work since my friend matt introduced it to me about two years ago. his website (www.ridindirtyface.com) has since disbanded, don't know why exactly, but interestingly enough the guy has a facebook fan page dedicated to him. fancy that!

also, listening to throwback music i was into in high school, such as The Detroit Cobras and X. And Lily Allen, although she's new. So female-lyricist kickass music.
Wow I'm bored. I want to go work on my THESIS!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

here at the SVA photo department, mostly everyone I know is freaking out about the deadlines we have.  Our thesis is due on tuesday.  I'm feeling ok about it.  The only issue for me is the edit, and even that's not that big a deal.  I met with Tim today and he was helpful with that...next step is convincing him to add me to the portfolios on his website.  heh heh heh.  

For some reason blogger ( I keep wanting to write blooger, and therefore, booger) won't let me upload more than five images at a time, so there will be another post of more work soon.  
Also,  this show is like crack to me.  You should watch it too...I'm into the idea of drama being justified by a unified religous faith.  I'm also into Christians being sinful while trying to apease God no matter what, because I sleep well at night knowing that as a Jew, I'm already one of God's chosen people.  Whoot.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

spring break!

hey everyone.  

I've been here for the last week: 

and have been obnoxiously walking down the street saying the words "zatarain's! sho-nuff!" every few minutes.  it's so beautiful and slow and sweet down here...(my friend) Jess and I had an amazing time.   I shot a lot of film, which will be processed contacted and posted by the end of next week, for all the eager followers of this blog.  
oh yeah and i drank absinthe, but wasn't too impressed. i don't like licorice tasting things. or meat. but i like (most other forms of) booze so it was all good.

oh yeah and I saw this movie:    (half nelson)

y'all should watch it! it's really good.

oh yeah and it was 80 degrees the whole time WHATTT...so glad to have a break from the eastern cold front.  

more work soon.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i shot greg on the ferry last weekend.  i'll show that soon....also had a chat session with marilyn, she brought a lot of things to light in a way i hadn't thought of them before.  I think I might pursue more work that explores my current state of...everything, the point being that self indulgence might be the key to breaking through this block.  
we'll see.